Get Perfect Artwork Placement on Hoodie Backs

A hood can get in the way of designs on the garment’s back.

A hoodie’s hood is part of what makes this particular type of garment popular, but it can also interfere with the placement of lettering or numbers. When the hood isn’t being worn, it can cover a large portion of the back of the hoodie, blocking any printed design. When the hood is up, the real estate that was previously covered can now be awkwardly empty if the design was lowered to accommodate an unworn hood.

Solve This Dilemma

When designing for a hoodie back, take into consideration the intent of your design and the look the customer wants the hoodie to have. Talk with the customer so you’re very clear on their requirements for the finished garment. Take a look at the back of the garment and see how much real estate is covered by the hood. Does the look of the design change if part of the design is covered by the hood? What parts of the design are important for people to see? Ask these questions first, so that you can ensure proper design placement.

Takeaway Tips

1. If adding names and numbers, for team hoodies perhaps, place the information the way you would if there were no hoodie. In some cases, there might be slight compensation for the hood but, for the most part, it would only result in the name or numbers being pushed down slightly. In these cases, the hood may cover the name slightly, but most customers would find that acceptable.

2. For customers who don’t want the name to be covered, you may have to push the names and numbers down quite a bit. This will look OK when the hood isn’t being worn, but there will be a lot of empty space when the hood is on the wearer’s head. In those cases, a yoke placement might come in handy. This is typically a smaller design placed between the shoulder blades. When the hood is up, it fills in the otherwise empty space.

3. Good yoke logos or yoke placement options include flags or school mascots. Adding a yoke logo can also add to the final price you can charge for your design and decorated hoodie.

4. Another design option is to go for a more modern look and place the numbers above the name. Since numbers will generally be longer and wider than the name, it won’t matter if they’re partially covered by the hood when it isn’t being worn. The name will always be visible. For some customers, this may give the hoodie an edgier, more modern look.

5. The orientation of the design matters. More horizontal designs can be placed far enough down the back of the hoodie that they can be seen whether the hood is up or down. If the design is vertical or square, placing it to avoid the hood can be more problematic. If your customer is adamant that the hood not interfere with the design, steer them toward something horizontal.

Watch This!

Hoodies have a lot more real estate to be decorated than just the full front. Andy Curtiss from Stahls’ Transfer Express showcases some other options for hoodie decoration. Watch the video: bit.ly/2aLVikL.