Get a Better Halftone Reproduction

Get a grip on better halftone reproduction with top-shelf artwork and great screens.

1. Great halftones are a result of screens and the printer.
Better presses improve production efficiencies, but the best results still lie in the screens and the hands – and skill – of the printer.

2. Use the best screens possible.
A great screen can produce an award-winning print even on the cheapest of presses, but the reverse does not hold true: even the best press can’t help if the screen is poor.

3. Great results are a process.
Begin with top-quality artwork, accurate separations, quality screens and a skilled printer. These elements combine to produce superior results. Great results can’t come from poor-quality artwork or problems with any of the steps between art and finished product.

4. The image resides in the screen.
Screens control the amount of ink deposited on the garment; therefore, knowing how much ink should go down during the separation process and having screens to meet those parameters yields more accurate results.