3 Tips to Streamline Your Business with Tech

Added efficiency is not just a matter of which tool you have – it’s how to use it best. 

1. Use Automation Effectively
“The more automated features we have, the less we have to make an investment in managing a business,” says Noel Garcia, managing director of Boundless (asi/143717). This can include everything from the order process to status updates to invoicing. Automation can also be a tool to motivate a sales force, says Micheline Nijmeh of Xactly. An automated sales compensation management platform cuts the time that would be used in filling out spreadsheets (tedious and prone to inaccuracies) in favor of a transparent dashboard displaying sales progress and visibility into hot opportunities. Seeing how far they are from reaching their quota leads salespeople to increased engagement.

2. Write a Blog
Writing a blog every month is an easy way to expand your presence online with free resources that incorporate pictures and video. “Blog just once a month, and it’s a subtle and different way to draw attention to your business. You can and should be creative with it,” says Garcia. Maintain a theme throughout and incorporate music, video and an eye-catching design. An added plus: it pumps up your SEO.

3. Embrace Productivity Apps
Structure your day and get organized with a wealth of productivity apps. These apps – many of which are free – enable you to take notes that follow you across any digital platform, scan documents and business cards, organize your trips, communicate with team members seamlessly while on the go and much, much more. And of course, they work just as well with your personal life as your professional pursuits.