How to Embroider on Toilet Paper

Clean up with this fun gag gift or promotional item.

Don’t limit your market. Embroidered toilet paper may seem like something only used as a gag gift, but that isn’t always the case. A roll of embroidered toilet paper may be the perfect calling card for a plumber, or a store that sells bathroom fixtures. It may also be a fancy element in restaurant or hotel bathrooms. Keep an open mind and search for markets that might view embroidered toilet paper as the perfect promotional item, something that sticks in the mind because it’s so unique.

You Can Embroider Toilet Paper. This short instructional video from Guys Can Sew provides a quick overview of how to embroider on a roll of toilet paper. Embroidered toilet paper can make a fun gag gift or holiday decoration – and it isn’t that hard to embroider. This video provides step-by-step instructions for embroidering toilet paper, as well as commentary on how and why the supplies and methods used were chosen. View the video at: