Tips for Creating a Unique, Cutting Edge Design

Photo and videos shared on Snapchat disappear in seconds, but that doesn’t mean the social media sensation isn’t making a lasting impression, and bold logo wear is a boon for the young company’s brand awareness. Fersten Worldwide (asi/53974) took Snapchat’s bright yellow color scheme and distinctive graphics and translated them into a cohesive mixed-media ensemble for the high-tech innovator.

Q: What techniques were used in the design?

Cristina Dinica, senior marketing coordinator: We combined flat embroidery with 3-D puff on our structured, heavyweight brushed cotton twill cap (FP480). On a men’s hoodie fleece sweatshirt (FW3508), we added a leather patch and flat embroidery on the front and flat embroidery on the hood. Then, for the men’s three-layer performance soft-shell trail jacket (FW3053), we used flat embroidery and glossy laser etching on the left chest, 3-D puff embroidery and glossy laser etching on the right chest, glossy laser etching on the left cuff, flat embroidery and glossy laser etching on the right sleeve, and a felt appliqué with flat and 3-D puff embroidery on the jacket back. All the decoration was done domestically.

Q: Why do these techniques work well together?
CD: Embroidery is the most commonly used decoration method for outerwear, apparel and headwear in the industry. Laser etching offers a unique look that cannot be duplicated by another decoration technique. By combining two or more decoration techniques, we’re able to create over-the-top original designs, which are guaranteed to enhance the overall value of a garment.

Q: Who would appreciate a design like this?

CD: It’s great for clients in search of a fresh way to show their logo.

Product Pick

American Embroidery Supply offers 3-D puffy foam to add dimension to designs. The product is 3mm and comes in individual sheets measuring 9” by 12”. It’s nontoxic, water-resistant and machine washable, but is flammable and can’t be dry-cleaned. It perforates clearly when stitched through, and is available in white, black, royal and red. Visit www.americanembsupply.com.