5 Ways to Get Motivated & Sell More

Don’t let yourself get in the way of achieving better sales.

You are your strongest selling point. But you’re also your greatest villain.

In an industry where competitors often have access to the same products as you, your success depends on your ability to connect with clients – to build relationships, deliver creative ideas, and provide service that makes customers’ lives easier. When things are going well, you thrive. When you fall into a personal or professional funk, though, your sales will undoubtedly suffer.

So how can you stay motivated and energized – even in the face of constant life and work challenges? Try these five tips.

1. Define Personal Success.
It’s impossible to hit a target if you don’t have one. It’s up to you to tack up the bull’s-eye and take aim. That’s where success starts – in knowing what you want. So before laboring through another day, do some soul searching. What does success mean to you? What do you want out of life? Write down answers to these and similar questions. Then, develop a plan for reaching your goals. Dig into the details, and come up with specifics for how you’ll meet objectives. One goal might involve sales quotas, while another might be making it to your daughter’s dance class every Tuesday.

2. Believe In What You Do.
Promotional products work. You know that firsthand from the results you’ve engineered for clients. Keeping these positives in mind will motivate you and boost your confidence in prospecting. “When you offer a product or service that you genuinely believe will be of value, it takes the ‘take’ out of selling,” says Marilyn Suttle, a success coach and business author. “You can’t help but feel inspired to make a difference through your work.”

3. Embrace Obstacles.
Everyone faces roadblocks on the path to their goals. But instead of bemoaning the fact, take action. First, recognize that obstacles are a reality. Then, anticipate what they’ll be and plan for them. For example, if you know an order is totally customized, realize there could be design or factory issues. Work with your supplier to have a backup plan in case there’s a product holdup. It sure beats being stuck in a last minute scramble drill. Once you clear the hurdle – whatever it is – reflect on what the experience taught you, good and bad.

4. Strengthen Your Strengths.
As the owner of a fast-growing residential real estate firm in Georgia, Peter Vekselman knows a thing or two about sales success. His advice for invigorating sales? “Improve the skill set you are best at – whether it’s cold-calling, selling one-on-one, prospecting, networking, negotiating or closing,” he says. “You can turn your strength from a 75 to a 90 with a little work and effort. By focusing on what you do best, you can sell more and become more profitable.”

5. Ditch the Debbie Downers.
You know who we’re talking about: The perpetual whiners. The people who look for the one cloud in an otherwise blue sky. These energy vampires can suck the color out of your world. Distance yourself from griping, gossiping coworkers and helicopter parents who love to complain about the tee ball coach. Spend your time with positive people who smile and make you laugh.