Web Exclusive

3 Tips for Stronger E-Commerce

Erich Campbell, a digitizer and e-commerce expert at Black Duck Screen Printing and Embroidery (asi/700415) in Albuquerque, NM, says apparel distributors and decorators lose legitimacy if they have no Web presence. “For an industry segment that has a lot of business-to-business, we have customers who are big researchers and they want to see information online,” he notes. Here are some of his tips for putting together a strong online store. 

  1. Know your audience. For a Web store with a wide, general audience, it’s OK to include a comprehensive catalog of products. If you’re creating a company store for a specific client, it may be better to “control and curate” content, Campbell says.
  2. Keep it simple. Your Web store should be easy to navigate, with high-quality product images and an intuitive path toward checkout. “If it gets too byzantine, it’s just not worth doing,” Campbell says.
  3. Include an online designer. Customers these days expect a design-it-yourself option online, but remember not everyone wants to play T-shirt designer. Be sure to include well-designed templates and an easy out – like a prominent contact button to reach your staff – for users frustrated by the design process.

 For more of Campbell’s insights, visit ASI’s online learning center, www.asicentral.com/education, and take “Erich Campbell Talks E-Commerce & Online Marketing,” course 68 in the Elective Marketing Courses section.