Tips for Introverts

Are you a little shy? Don’t worry – you can still find success at trade shows.

“Try to remember that everyone is nervous, even the keynote speakers,” says Emmi Buck, director of communications at Essential Oxygen. She suggests arriving early, and staying late, as it’s less noisy and crowded.

Libby Gill, an executive coach, recommends introverts have three basic questions in hand at all times so that “when the adrenaline pumps, they have something to start with.” Her suggestions: What business are you in? What are your favorite parts of the show? Where are you from? These are all good icebreakers.

Chris Piper, VP of Boundless (asi/143717), likes the idea of introverts pairing up with an extroverted colleague who enjoys asking questions and engaging people on the show floor.

Other options?

Introverts should plan their trade show route to highlight the exhibitors they want to meet. Or they should email a person they’d like to meet with ahead of time and request a quieter place to get together. “This takes much of the stress away, because the introverted person doesn’t have to interrupt or wait in large groups,” Piper says.