How to Deliver Quality Presentations

A look at today’s top technology for salespeople.

What Is It? The P300 Pico Projector
The P300 from AAXA Technologies is a portable, battery-powered projector with multimedia capabilities. Weighing less than a pound, the pint-sized device empowers salespeople to smoothly deliver quality presentations by projecting high-resolution pictures and videos. Inputs include HDMI, VGA, USB, Micro SD and AV.

Why You’ll Like It
It’s portable in practice – not just in marketing bullet points. At only about 1 ½ inches tall and 5.9 inches long, the P300 fits into purses, briefcases and laptop bags. Fast to fire up, the Pico projector makes bright, clear-imaged presentations – something helped by the P300’s ability to scale resolutions up to 1080p. Those who are eco-conscious will appreciate that the LED light source is free of mercury, and that it consumes less power than traditional bulbs. Also, when you’re not using the P300 for work, you can have some fun at home: Project video games for an immersive gaming experience, or enjoy cartoons, movies and family pictures directly from a USB stick or Micro SD Card.

Why You Won’t
It ain’t cheap, for one thing. Plus, critics say focusing video can be difficult, that the onboard menu is confusing, and that the tripod that comes with the projector is “cheap” and unserviceable. Even so, the P300 holds a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on, with the number of positive reviews (154) far outweighing the critical reviews (38).

At the heart of the P300 is a 400-Lumen optical engine, which creates (up to) 120-inch projections in low-light conditions. Featuring a native high-definition resolution of 1,280x800 pixels, the device’s lithium ion battery delivers about 60 minutes of operation. The LED light source boasts a lifespan of 15,000 hours, and there’s a powerful ARM processor for videos and pictures. MP3, AVI, JPG and text file support add to the list of features.

Price Tag
Early 2016 prices ranged from $370 on to $419 at AAXA Technologies’ website (

Our Advice
Do you frequently make use of pictures and videos in your presentations? Would you like to? If yes to either of those questions, then the P300 can be an excellent tool to add to your sales shed. The brightness, definition and size of the images you’ll display in the right light conditions have the potential to impress prospects. Plus, the techy device will enhance the air of professionalism you project.