Earn More Business Through LinkedIn

1. Spice-up your profile by adding videos and presentations. Include brief customer testimonial videos.

2. Join groups related to promotional products, marketing and industries that you are keen to sell into. Add value with insightful comments in group discussions.

3. Feature links to your website, blog, Twitter account and company Facebook page. It makes it easier for prospects to learn more about you and your company.

4. Be smart with your updates. Post content that is relevant to prospects and clients. Keep the posts brief. Encourage participation, asking questions to spark discussions. Respond to feedback.

5. Find your posting sweet spot. According to LinkedIn, posting 20 times a month will allow you to reach 60% of your unique audience with one or more updates. So, post consistently. When should you post? Depends. While LinkedIn’s busiest hours are morning and midday during the workweek, it’s smart to experiment with different times to see what works best for you.

6. Give in order to receive. Write honest LinkedIn recommendations for the profiles of people with whom you have had a positive business experience. Act as a bridge between contacts on LinkedIn, offering to introduce professionals who could benefit from connecting with each other. Such favors are often returned.

4 REASONS TO GET ACTIVE ON LINKEDIN (Sources: Content Marketing Institute, Hub Spot, LinkedIn)