How to Tap Into the Power of Mobile Surveys

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Kyle Gollins is vice president of sales at Pollfish, the world’s leading mobile survey platform. Pollfish delivers online surveys globally through mobile apps and the mobile web along with the desktop web to ensure a survey quickly and efficiently reaches the right audience.

Q: How has technology changed market research?
A: It’s moving from a very manual service-driven industry to an automated technology approach. Researchers are having access to DIY tools. They can select what audience they want to reach, determine a sample size, write their survey, deploy it and collect their data. We can build a survey in as fast as 30 minutes; historically, it would take days or weeks from start to finish. It allows researchers more time to analyze the data and make informed business decisions.

Q: Why is your data more accurate?
A: We’re getting out to a broader type of person. Panels consist of people taking surveys all the time. They’re just a little different than the rest of the population, almost preconditioned to give certain responses. Because of the efficiency of our model, we’ve created much higher sample sizes.

Q: Are mobile surveys as effective as traditional surveys?
A: They are and can even be more accurate. We worked with a polling company that uses predictive modeling to predetermine outcomes of elections. Using mobile surveys, they correctly predicted the outcome of Brexit when many traditional panels had it going the other way.

Q: How cost effective is surveying?
A: Extremely cost effective. You can run a survey for as little as $100. We’re really focused on broadening the spectrum of companies that can use research and incorporate data into their decisions.

Q: How can you motivate customers to actually respond to surveys?
A: We utilize an incentive program that’s uniquely matched to each app. It becomes relevant to the survey taker, so if they’re in a game, it’s going to be a points-based model. In another, maybe it’s access to a premium feature. It creates a customized experience for them.