5 Tips to Boost Your Positivity

Five tips for embracing a healthy attitude.

1. Focus on Perceptions
Your attitude is shaped by how you perceive things, or the way your mind takes in and analyzes situations and events. When faced with a challenge, do you see obstacles or opportunities? Zero in on the latter and you can meet tasks head-on with more momentum.

2. Establish Routines
Implement good habits, especially in the morning, that get you started on a positive note. Wake up a little earlier to allow time for introspection, eat a healthy breakfast, pack a well-balanced lunch and even exercise for 30 minutes, which releases endorphins.

3. Eat and Sleep Well
A healthy diet and sleep schedule are key for clear thinking and a positive attitude. Concentrate on smart food choices, keep healthy snacks nearby and get a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel ready to tackle the day’s ups and downs and be more naturally optimistic.

4. Look at the Long Term
Don’t feel defeated by short-term emotions. Instead, look at the long-term value and the larger meaning of what you’re involved in. It will keep you moving through the tough times, and allow you to share your enthusiasm with others.

5. Volunteer Your Time
Studies have shown that taking the time to volunteer and help others reduces stress and shifts overall perceptions toward life’s many positive aspects. Take a few hours on the weekends to spend time at a soup kitchen, at your church, or try coaching a youth team. Spread the positivity by inviting a group of colleagues to come with you.