Hello, I’m Anderson Cooper. May I Take Your Order?

Tuesday May 1, 2018 | Filed under:

Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Anderson Cooper and Tim Andrews – what do they all have in common? They all got their start as interns. While I can’t promise ASI members companies who take advantage of our annual summer industry internship program will score a future Oprah, I can promise a rewarding experience for all.

The deadline to sign up for the ASI Internship Program is June 11. The program is open to any member company in the promotional products industry, with ASI providing free online training, access to ESP® and a chance for interns to win a $1,000 scholarship. Click here for more information or to register an intern.

In 2017, 166 interns worked at 125 supplier and distributor companies, including HALO Branded Solutions, Lion Circle, Triton, The Vernon Company and Winross Company.

An internship is a two-way street, benefiting young people and member companies. Interns gain valuable work experience along with a chance to learn about our industry, and participating companies get rewarded with an extra set of hands during busy vacation season and a greater understanding of what products appeal to younger buyers, along with the best ways to communicate with them online.

The importance of an internship to a young person’s eventual career can’t be understated. Studies indicate that students graduating with internship experiences, in general, are more likely to get a job after graduation. And the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ suggests that students compensated for their internship are much more likely to have received a job offer than those students with an unpaid internship.

We’re such big fans of interns, ASI’s own company internship program has doubled in numbers in recent years – and our interns are always paid.

Since one of the biggest concerns distributors and suppliers have about hiring summer interns is the time and effort it takes to train newcomers about our industry, ASI made training a key component of the program, devising a series of online training webinars that offer interns a broad overview of products and their ROI, biggest markets, etc.

New this year, ASI increased the number of webinars and, in response to student feedback, added more classes on sales, marketing, graphic design and more. Interns can view the industry-centric webinars anytime and at their own pace.

ASI also expanded free ESP access until October 1 to accommodate West Coast interns who often return to college later than other students. We’re also encouraging greater social media interaction between interns across three main platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (#PromoInternASI).

In addition to training and ESP, each participating intern receives:

  • A chance to win a $1,000 scholarship awarded to interns who write the best essay about their experience (click here to read last year’s winning essays)
  • Invitation to attend ASI Show® Chicago, Tuesday, July 24, through Thursday, July 26, featuring a special keynote with Shark Tank co-host Robert Herjavec
  • Internship certificate upon completion of the program
  • An ASI summer gift pack of promotional items

Who knows? You might end up giving a start to a future Bill Gates.

For information on joining the 2018 ASI Internship Program, please contact ASI Marketing Manager Christine Shaw at cshaw@asicentral.com.