Google Docs Users Hit with Sophisticated Phishing Attack

Thursday May 4, 2017 | Filed under:

As chief technology officer of ASI, I take online security very seriously, which is why I’m alerting you to a very sophisticated phishing campaign that recently spread across the internet, allowing hackers to steal contact lists from unsuspecting Gmail users who were then sent emails that looked like genuine invites to edit Google documents. 

While Google has resolved the issue and are not asking for any further action, I highly recommend you take the following actions if you were a victim of this phishing campaign, or as an extra precaution:

• Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account and go to your account’s permissions settings at:

• Step 2: Remove permissions for “Google Docs,” which is the name of the phishing scam. Please note that if you remove “Google Docs” you’re removing the fake application, but it will not affect your ability to use the real Google Docs applications. While there, also remove permissions that you did not explicitly grant.

• Step 3: Once you remove the fake “Google Docs,” or any other application that you did not want to have access to your Google account, you may change your password as an additional precaution.

Thank you, and safe browsing.