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Change A Life, Hire An Intern

Friday May 5, 2017 | Filed under:

ASI® practices what it preaches. That’s why we’re doubling the number of paid internships offered at our own company at the same time we’re pushing to double the number of participants in the industry-wide ASI Summer Internship Program.

We launched the industry program in 2016 with 119 interns at 94 companies and, so far, the response to this year’s kick-off has been great, with hiring commitments from 33 promotional products companies like Zagwear, A-Best, C & A Sportswear, American Traders Enterprises, Brand+Aid and M&M Promotions.

If you want to participate, the deadline is coming up fast on May 10. Click here to register.

I know, I know – one of the biggest concerns distributors and suppliers have about hiring summer interns is the time and effort it takes to train newcomers about our industry. I get that. To help, ASI made training a key component of the program, devising a series of training webinars that offer interns a broad overview of products and their ROI, biggest markets, industry players and more. It’s like taking Promo 101.

The benefits of the program are numerous – from teaching more young people about a fun, creative and potentially lucrative industry, all the way to enjoying affordable labor at a time when many staffers are off enjoying summer vacations (or afternoons on the golf course!).

Other perks include:

  • Free access to ESP® for the summer (expires September 1)
  • An invitation to attend ASI Chicago in July
  • A $1,000 scholarship awarded to three interns who write the best essays about their experiences
  • Certificate of completion
  • A gift pack of promotional items (of course)

And, if you’re already fielding resumes, it might help to browse the tips below on what to look for in an intern:

  • Some experience with sales, marketing or business development
  • Proficient with MS Office Suites and social media
  • Strong communication and organizational skills

Just think back to your own internship experience, if you were lucky enough to score one. Hopefully, it taught you something about the way business really works, while introducing you to a possible new career path.

If you worked at a company committed to mentoring, you also learned solid skills – and weren’t stuck getting coffee or making dry-cleaner runs.

My own Dow Jones internship was invaluable, taking me from a tiny town in Indiana to the unbelievably glamorous New York City during my very first plane ride. I ended up spending 16 years at Dow Jones in a variety of senior management, editorial, marketing, technology and product development roles.

I can easily say my internship altered the trajectory of my entire life. So if you have any questions about our industry internship program, please feel free to email me at tim.andrews@asicentral.com.