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ASI Pledges $25,000 Match For Hurricane Relief, Calls For Goods To Houston

Thursday August 31, 2017 | Filed under:

It is difficult to imagine the pain being suffered, and the long recovery faced by our friends, family and colleagues in Houston and along the entire Gulf Coast of Texas, and possibly even beyond. This disaster hits home: Over 900 industry companies in Texas and Louisiana alone are potentially within the disaster zone.

To help, ASI is pledging $25,000 to match cash contributions to any of three specific charitable organizations. ASI will match your donations dollar for dollar, up to $25,000. To be counted, please attach your receipt(s) and email it to HarveyRelief@asicentral.com showing your contributions, which may be to any of the following:

In addition, Jeanna Abercrombie of Pepco Poms (asi/77280) of Houston – whose facility so far is fine – is spearheading a drive to collect school supplies and children’s clothing to help families and employees in two near-by small towns hard hit by the flooding, to make sure they have what they need when children do return to school. “I know Red Cross and FEMA will help,” said Jeanna. “This is just the next level of help to aid in the stress of parents and teachers who have also been affected. I just don’t want these small towns to be forgotten. There’s got to be more sunshine and hope.”

Jeanna is collecting the specific items below:

  • Walmart gift cards (so families can shop for themselves)
  • Backpacks
  • School supplies like notebooks, crayons etc.
  • Kids shoes, T-shirts, shorts, socks and underwear, preferably new

Mark the boxes with whatever is inside and ship to:

Jeanna Abercrombie

School Relief Efforts
Pepco Promotional Products
9611 Highway 60 South
Lane City, TX 77453

If you have questions, email Jeanna at jabercrombie@pepcopoms.com.

Also, Peter Hirsch, president of Hirsch Gift (asi/61005) in Houston, who is thankfully safe and outside any immediate flood danger, is now collecting SPECIFIC items the company will personally deliver to those in need. I worked with Peter and his family on the same type of emergency relief effort almost 12 years ago today, after the destructive Katrina hit New Orleans. Now we’re helping his own town.

Hirsch is NOT accepting cash. They need ONLY the items below:

  • Cleaning Products
  • Adult Diapers
  • Femine Hygiene Products
  • Pocket Hand Sanitizers
  • OTC Medications, such as Tylenol / NyQuil / DayQuil
  • Baby Items, especially Diapers and Baby Wipes
  • Pillows and Pillowcases
  • Nonperishable Food Items - Preferred with Pull Top Lids
  • Zip Loc Bags
  • Factory Sealed Water Bottles
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • School Backpacks
  • Pet Supplies, including Large Kennels, Pillows, Towels, and Food for Large and Small Breed Dogs / Cats

When shipping these items to Hirsch Gift. please clearly label the box "Harvey Relief" and include 2 packing lists of the items - 1 taped to the box and another inside the box. Hirsch is asking that donations be received by Friday, September 8th.

Ship to:
Hirsch Gift/Hurricane Relief
5121 Ashbrook Dr.
Houston, TX 77081

If you have any questions about Hirsch Gift’s efforts, please email them to harveyrelief@hirschgift.com.

Other industry companies are jumping in to help as well: Jason Lucash, CEO/co-founder of Origaudio (asi/75254), is spearheading an effort by industry suppliers to send power banks to the storm-ravaged areas so phones can be charged. Barry and Deb Lipsett of Charles River Apparel (asi/44620) are sending a van full of supplies to Houston, and then donating the van to an area charity. Follow news of these and other industry efforts at www.asicentral.com.

ASI’s entire staff is also ready to help any impacted industry company in any way possible. Click here to visit a dedicated portion of our website for a constantly updated list of statuses of affected businesses.

We suggest distributors with pending orders at Texas-based suppliers confirm their orders, but try to wait a few days if possible, given the incredible disruption everyone is facing. Please be patient and understand suppliers may not be able to respond, and many people are facing life-threatening situations at home.

To share info or for questions:

  • If you’re a supplier and you want to post a message for the industry on ASICentral.com, please email ASI at feedback@asicentral.com.
  • If you’re a distributor and need help connecting with a supplier or would like product research or other assistance, please email ASI at feedback@asicentral.com or call toll free (844) 334-3008.
  • Impacted customers who need immediate, short-term help hosting anything in ASI’s data center or who need free technical expertise can email ASI’s chief technology officer at Armughan.rafat@asicentral.com.
  • ASI will also replace, at no cost, any of its products and services lost by members in the disaster. Email requests to feedback@asicentral.com indicating what was lost and the shipping address for replacements.

If there is anything else ASI can do to assist any of our members, please let me know. My email address is tim.andrews@asicentral.com.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been impacted by this terrible tragedy, with wishes of better days ahead for them and their families.