Promo Industry Plays Starring Role

Wednesday December 21, 2016 | Filed under:

Imagine the cost of airing an eight-minute commercial in a major media market to promote your business. No doubt few of us could afford one. Happily, ASI has gotten pretty good at promoting the promo industry on TV stations and in large newspapers across the country – for free.

Most recently, we scored a profile of ASI Chairman Norman Cohn discussing recent industry trends in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, along with a feature of the important role promo products played in this year’s presidential election, a story that also ran in the Seattle Times (808,000 circulation).

The coverage was informative – and positive, which is something you should aim for at your own company as well.

In addition, promo products played a starring role in an eight-minute segment on Fox News’ “Good Day Philadelphia” morning show (viewership 74,000). Hosts Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley bantered happily with ASI’s own Joe Haley about creative campaign products like the Hillary action figure and Trump socks (which Mike wore, wavy orange hair and all).

And, minutes before ASI’s recent Power 50 dinner during the 2016 Power Summit in Miami, a reporter from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette called us for comment on one of the most visible promo products of the 2016 election: the Trump yard signs.

Lucky for the reporter, Paul Lage – CEO of Gill Studios (asi/56950) – was at the dinner and willing to break away from the fun to share his thoughts.

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All told, in recent years, ASI has given the industry about a half-million dollars’ worth of free publicity, helping create better awareness of the high value of promo products and our efforts to reposition all of us as being in the “treasures and experiences business” – a great phrase from Power Summit keynoter Dawn Hudson, marketing czar for the NFL.

Great phrase, good news!