Into the Future with SmartLink

Tuesday August 21, 2012 | Filed under: News About ASI, Using Ad Specialties

Remember the days when you actually had to drive to a store during regular hours to buy stuff? Now we routinely traffic in e-commerce, a business reality first made possible in 1991, when the Internet opened to unrestricted commercial use.

Today – unless you’re operating a lemonade stand – it’s nearly impossible to consider running a business without an online presence.

But planning, designing, building and maintaining a website isn’t necessarily easy, especially when you consider the myriad of data you need in an industry like ours, with more than 700,000 products. To smooth the way, ASI® first introduced ESP Websites, an A-to-Z guide to creating your own site.

Now, ASI is taking e-commerce one important step further with the launch of ASI SmartLink, a quick and easy business solution that supersizes any e-commerce site using ESP®, the industry’s leading product data and search engine.

Searches are powered via the Internet’s leading e-commerce shopping engine – the same searching engine used by major retailers, Barnes & Noble and Crate and Barrel.

And whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or have a website developer, ASI provides the support you need to get the job done, along with detailed and easy-to-follow documentation.

For more information on ASI SmartLink, click here.

And let me know what you think: Are we better off now, or do you wish you could hop in a time machine and return to the days when apple was just a fruit and the web was for spiders? Personally, I think it’s funny how some people long for the pre-computer “good old days,” as if there’s something wrong with a faster, easier way to do business. To me, it’s like longing for using an outhouse instead of a bathroom (I didn’t have a flush toilet until the 5th grade).

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