What’s the Big Idea?

Wednesday November 17, 2010 | Filed under: News About ASI, Using Ad Specialties

What slips in a pocket, pops in an envelope and makes a perfect leave-behind on sales calls? If you guessed the Spring 2011 Idea Showcase catalog, you’re right.

As a testament to its popularity, we’ve already received pre-orders totaling nearly 156,000 for the handy-size catalog. But supplies are limited, so order yours today. Distributors receive free shipping on orders placed by December 1.

Budget-conscious end-buyers love Idea Showcase because the 390 products offered range from the practical to the premium, from $1 to $40. There’s even a “Made in the USA” section with specially-marked pages so they can easily pick out products that provide a feel-good oomph for buying American.

Other features include:

  • Money-saving coupon section.
  • Budget and planning index that makes it simple for buyers to choose items based on their budgets.
  • Handy mailing in a No. 10 envelope.
Despite the current excitement about digital (which we offer!), savvy distributors know to always include paper catalogs in their marketing mix, since research shows that catalogs remain a proven advertising vehicle. Our study shows paper catalogs drive an astonishing 93% of purchasing decisions.

What’s more, you can easily brand copies in full color with your logo and contact information on the cover, which is guaranteed to set you apart from the competition.

If you want more info, click here or contact Dan Brown, ASI’s executive director of distributor services, at dbrown@asicentral.com or at 800-546-1350.

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