Laura Bush Offers Advice and Insight

Wednesday December 1, 2010 | Filed under: ASI Shows, News About ASI

One statement really made an impression on me during Laura Bush’s interview on ASI’s radio program this week: “It’s important to nurture boys as well as we’ve nurtured girls.” The former first lady wants to be sure both boys and girls are given the chance to grow up happy and strong.

One way to help make that happen is by volunteering, especially at your local elementary school, where a few hours a week can really make a difference in someone’s life. At this time of year, I can think of no better message to spread.

No matter what your politics, a front-row seat to history makes for fascinating stories. In her interview with our radio hosts, Mrs. Bush discussed everything from the way a presidential visit to Africa inspired her daughter to study global health issues to her current obsession with her BlackBerry – a promotional product she got from an event sponsor.

To listen to the entire archived interview, click here. To read our press release, click here.

Mrs. Bush spoke to us to advance her free upcoming keynote, “Life in the White House,” at the ASI trade show in Dallas on Friday, February 18. The same day, she will also address the ASI Women’s Summit in a luncheon talk titled, “Shaping the Future: Empowering Women Around the Globe.” Reserve your spot now by clicking here.

In her radio interview, Mrs. Bush discussed her continuing efforts on behalf of Afghanistan women, the importance of volunteering and the pleasures of private life. She also talked about a new initiative being championed by the George W. Bush Institute to improve the performance of school principals. Mrs. Bush says the Alliance to Reform Education Leadership hopes to certify at least half of the nation’s public-school principals through its program by 2020.

Her advice to business owners who might be facing adversity? “Keep your eye on the ball. “You’ve got to continue to work toward goals and not be sidetracked by criticism or other problems that come up.”

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