Happy Birthday, ASI Radio

Wednesday July 14, 2010 | Filed under: ASI Shows, News About ASI

Any day that starts with cake is a good day. And this morning we celebrated a wonderful milestone – the two-year anniversary of ASI Radio – with cake, balloons and special guests during a live broadcast direct from our show in Chicago.

As any fan of ASI Radio knows, our five regular radio co-hosts consistently deliver the best of industry news in a lively program every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. ET.

Topics run the gamut, from advice on selling to big companies to building business referrals and using new marketing techniques – you name it, and our radio hosts have covered it. In addition to knowing the industry inside and out, Melinda Ligos, Andy Cohen, Michele Bell, Kathy Huston and Joe Haley are as snappy and engaging as anyone on radio today.

Today’s Radio Show guests included Matt Bertram, president of Fields Manufacturing (asi/54100), which sponsored Tuesday’s full slate of classes, and direct marketing and business expert David Blaise. Both guests stressed the importance of keeping up with new trends and ideas through continual education.

And, in a nod to Counselor magazine’s special State of the Industry issue, the Radio Show featured a game show-style quiz hosted by Senior Writer Dave Vagnoni. See how many answers you know:

1. What’s the top way to find new business in our industry? Online, networking, referrals, or asking your neighbor?

2. In 2009, what was the industry’s top revenue-generator? Bags, USB drives, T-shirts or pens?

3. What was the top market in 2009? Financial, government, health care or education?

4. Which region is most optimistic about the market? Southwest, Southeast, West, Northeast?

5. What percentage of orders from suppliers was delivered on time to distributors in 2009? 88%, 91%, 97% or 92%?

If you caught our rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song, you know our hosts made the right decision when they chose a career in promotional products over an appearance on “American Idol.”

And, anytime you miss a live show, don’t worry: All shows are archived so you can listen to them anytime. Visit the ASI Radio Web page for complete instructions.

Happy birthday, ASI Radio! For more photos, click here.

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 Quiz answers: 1. referral 2. T-shirts 3. health care 4. Southwest. 5. 92%.