New Order Management System a Hit, Orlando Fashion Show

Monday January 12, 2009 | Filed under: ASI Shows, Education, Industry Initiatives, Using Ad Specialties

People have been responding to news of our multimillion-dollar initiative to create a seamless order management system for the industry, so I wanted to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to learn more about this.

The new system, announced at the ASI Show in Orlando, links distributors, suppliers and industry service providers across ASI's full product suite and is designed to make you more efficient and save time and money in 2009.  

Click here for the press release with more benefits of the initiative.

Designed based on continuing industry feedback, our effort has been under way for about a year, and in the test phase distributors placed over $10 million in orders with suppliers.  So far, the results have been phenomenal and have provided consistent order structure, content integrity and order delivery.  To learn more, check out the media release here.

Additional elements of the initiative that we demonstrated in Orlando include:

  • ESP Online:  The CenterStage presentation creator now allows end-buyers to order directly from a client presentation, and integrates with the industry standard purchase order.  Also, PromoCafé is a new application that allows the 32,000 users of ESP Online to communicate about orders and a variety of topics using chat rooms and instant messaging. 
  • ProfitMaker:  The 1,000 distributor firms that use ProfitMaker can now pull products and pricing directly from ESP Online into ProfitMaker.  There is also a new method that allows purchase orders to be sent by distributors and accepted into the supplier's system electronically without rekeying information, making the order process faster and less error-prone.   ProfitMaker also integrates directly with the inventory and order management systems of top apparel suppliers, including SanMar, Alpha Shirt Company, Ash City, Bodek and Rhodes and Broder.   
  • ASI Secure:  LogoMall customers can export their end-buyer orders, leads and catalog requests into ProfitMaker via ASI Secure.  ASI Secure is the system that helps the 10,000 subscribers to LogoMall easily customize their website copy, add products and track site statistics (including number of visitors and page views.)  

The initiative is projected to include the launch of additional key components throughout 2009 and into 2010. 

Also, click here to see the latest trends in corporate and casual apparel for your clients in coverage of our Fashion Show in Orlando.  There are many featured styles from leading apparel companies, including Dunbrooke, Global Traders and Suppliers Inc., Hanes/Outer Banks, Perry Ellis International, Charles River Apparel and Reebok. 

I also have a video from Orlando featuring products you can sell to your clients, including pens made from recycled currency and denim, a knit fleece jacket/sweater, a mini video camcorder, and more.  Click here to watch.

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