New Features for ESP Online - Better Catalog Search and P.O. Tool

Wednesday July 8, 2009 | Filed under: Member Benefits, Members, News About ASI

ESP Online is the best business tool in the industry, hands-down, and we’re rolling out new features now to make you even more efficient and productive – and at a time when you need it most.

New features include:

• Catalog Searching – Distributors can search for items found in the latest editions of Spectrum, Select and Gift Book catalogs on the ESP home page.

• Improved Decorator Search – Distributors can search for decorators based on embellishment type and by distance-radius from any local zip code.

• Enhanced Client Projects Center – Distributors’ clients are now accessible by name through an A-to-Z clickable list, and client projects can now quickly be searched by type of item.

• Updated Purchase Order Tool – ASI’s industry standard purchase order now automatically fills in the net cost, based on the quantity being ordered, reducing errors.

• Safety Notices – Active consumer product safety warnings are now displayed in the “additional information” area.

For more in the press release, click here.

In addition, many of ESP Online’s 32,000 users continue to participate in the exclusive ASI Supplier Ratings System, allowing distributors to rate their experience with a supplier among six categories using a five-star scale. Users can also view how many distributors have rated a supplier, similar to

If that weren’t enough, you won’t find higher quality images anywhere else in the industry. Almost all of them have white backgrounds and they’re all high resolution, and you can also change images and showcase them to clients as virtual samples.

And, don’t forget, in the PromoCafe, ESP users can chat with other members of the ESP Online community instantly. There are multiple chat rooms for discussing a variety of topics and users can also send instant messages and can create buddy lists to maintain frequent contacts.

For a free demo, visit, and post a comment on the blog now about your experience using ESP to grow your business.  Also, for videos of ad specialties for your clients, visit my YouTube channel here.