New 70% savings on UPS Freight…the Real Deal

Monday October 19, 2009 | Filed under: Member Benefits, News About ASI

A keen competitive edge can often make the difference between closing a deal - or closing up shop - which is why I'm happy to announce that we're now providing 70% savings on shipping with UPS Freight. 

Yep, 70%.  That's more than any other industry shipping program. 

Whether you're shipping something that weighs 150 pounds - or 10 tons (which pretty much covers everything from Oscar de la Hoya to a very large elephant), the discount is the same. It covers all shipments billed collect to a member company, prepaid from a member company, or billed to a member company as a third party.

Further, this program can be customized for every member and these special rates aren't available anywhere else.  I'm especially pleased to continue a partnership with UPS first forged in 2004, when we first started helping members save thousands of dollars each year with exclusive shipping discounts.  

In addition to the actual shipping, UPS provides ASI members a menu of workflow products and features that leave more time for selling, including:   

  • Online tracking and desktop shipping.
  • On-time performance within the continental United States, backed by a no-fee guarantee.
  • Reliable offshore coverage, with complete service to NAFTA countries.
To read more in the press release, click here.

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