LogoMall’s Advertising Reports Provide a Snapshot of Success

Monday November 23, 2009 | Filed under: Industry Initiatives, Member Benefits, News About ASI

If you could effectively - and easily - gauge your ROI on digital advertising, wouldn't you? Well, you can with LogoMall's monthly advertising reports.

The monthly reports are sent automatically to participating LogoMall Network suppliers and provide an accurate snapshot of business growth that tracks competition and also these metrics:

  • Top five products viewed by end-buyers.
  • The number of unique visitors to each site.
  • The quantity of orders sent to the online check-out cart. 
  • Number of distributor websites in the LogoMall Network.
This is powerful information, and there's more.  The reports also include the click-through rates on digital ads in product spotlights, featured product sets and pay-for-placement positions, and show the supplier's page-view rankings among the rankings from the top ten companies within a product category. 

It all boils down to more facts and less guesswork.  You really can track everything that matters, from top-selling products to web traffic, and can adjust marketing plans accordingly.

Last year alone, the LogoMall network received more than 8.5 million visitors, and more than 800,000 product searches are conducted each month across 10,300 LogoMall sites.  

For more details, read the press release by clicking here.

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