How Can I Enhance my Print Catalog Online to Grow Sales?

Wednesday July 1, 2009 | Filed under: Guest Blog, Industry Initiatives, Member Benefits

When it comes to catalogs, suppliers want to know how many to print and who to target.  For distributors, the question always comes down to:  what's the best use of catalogs for my clients?  

Distributors continue to use print catalogs and find them effective for generating sales and getting the word out about the products they offer.  There's no doubt that catalogs work.

And now there's a way for suppliers to enhance exposure digitally for their print catalogs - through ASI's Digital Express service.  The new service acts as a 1-2-3 marketing punch to boost exposure through ASI's Email Express and through's catalog library.  

It works like this:  ASI takes a print catalog and creates an online flip catalog, which we then blast online to over 60,000 distributors and also into the ASI catalog library. Suppliers receive an immediate return on their investment as soon as that email hits, and distributors enjoy the online access to products their customers want.  

Suppliers should also make the online Digital Express catalog a big part of their website by putting it front-and-center on the home page.  Companies invest a lot of time and effort to make a catalog great, so why not highlight it all year long on your homepage?

The Digital Express service also provides an interactive searchable format, enabling distributors to search for the exact item they're looking for.

I've also suggested to every supplier who has signed up for Digital Express so far to include the link to their online catalog in the signature line of their emails.  That way, every single time they send an email to a distributor, their online catalog is right in front of their potential client.

Digital Express really is a unique service that helps suppliers increase leads and helps distributors find items for their clients faster, and at a time when you need it more than ever.

For more information on the Digital Express program, or any other digital product, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 1-800-546-1295 or email me here.  I'm more than happy to help you out in any way.

Click here for examples of the digital catalogs (use your email and password).

Dan Dienna is ASI's advertising director for catalogs and electronics.