Favor - ESP Feedback

Tuesday August 25, 2009 | Filed under: Members, News About ASI

We are working on the next version of ESP Online, and I'd like to ask your help. 

Post a comment or email me here and tell me, as briefly as possible since I'm reading all replies, what 3-4 things you'd like to make ESP Online better.

If you happen to use another research tool, or have in the past, reply and tell me what you use and what annoys you most about that tool or what you like most.

As thanks for your input, you can choose (a) $100 hotel reimbursement and a free ticket to the Lion King show at ASI Show Las Vegas 2009 or (b) guaranteed seat to see General Colin Powell (Ret.) at ASI Show Orlando 2010.

If you choose the Lion King tickets, you must reply by this Friday, August 28.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.