Digitally Speaking, for Sex and the City and Wedding Crashers

Monday July 13, 2009 | Filed under: Guest Blog, Using Ad Specialties

Marketers across all industries are asking themselves the same question, "How can I capitalize on social media and actually integrate it into my marketing so it works?"

Integrating digital elements into promotions is not an exact science, nor is it a straightforward process, however there is a methodology to deploy the best programs.  Each promotional concept, incorporating digital, needs to be approached from a unique angle with consideration of the product, the audience and the end goal.  

For example, when our team was creating promotions to market the Sex and the City movie, we thought of a partnership with Mercedes.  It was the perfect pairing to highlight the upscale feeling of New York City and bringing people into NY Fashion Week.

Similarly, the Budweiser and Wedding Crashers promotional program ‘Trailer Crashers' was extremely successful because the concept of ‘crashing the trailer' allowed consumers to participate in the key concept of the lead characters of the film by interacting with the property.

Good luck with your marketing efforts and feel free to post a comment now about your experience with the digital marketing world.

- Gordon

Gordon Paddison is the founder and principal of Stradella Road, a consultancy providing marketing strategies for brand and entertainment companies, and he is the keynote speaker at this year's ASI Power Summit.  Gordon will share his best practices and industry insights on how to leverage new media for your marketing promotions.  He has experience marketing over 200 movie titles, including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Wedding Crashers and Sex and the City.