Chicago Hot Products Video

Thursday July 23, 2009 | Filed under: ASI Shows, Industry Initiatives, News About ASI

The ASI Show in Chicago ends later today and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed doing business in the Windy City, which has really come into its own as one of the most vibrant and sophisticated cities in the world to have a great time and have industry events.

One of my favorite things to do at any show is check out the hottest new products and here in Chicago cleverness was abound.  

Click here to watch my video with a few of my picks, including:

  • Musical coffee mug, from Hallmark Business Solutions, asi/59087.  This mug is a cool, customizable product that plays any music you

    choose at the touch of a button.  Great for theme parties or events.

  • Collapsible water bottle, from Jayline, asi/63253.  Perfect for travel.  When you're finished, collapse and tuck this FDA-approved mug into a backpack or purse.  Re-use whenever you want.    
  • Alligator leather pen, from Logomark, asi/67866.  A beautifully embossed, high-end incentive gift that's reasonably priced and ideal for executives.  Topped off with exceptional packaging.
  • LED cap, from Panther Vision, asi/75825.  I love this cap, which lights up in front, making it a wonderful asset for those late-night walks or shadowy areas in your home.
  • Custom M&Ms, from Mars Direct Inc., asi/68888.  Tuesday night at the Counselor Awards we gave

    out boxed gifts of M&Ms, individually imprinted with an image of my face and also Matthew Cohn's.  They were a huge hit.  Tasty and fun.  You can imprint anything on the candy, including words, symbols, logos, and faces. 

  • Colorful biodegradable confetti, from American Greenwood, asi/35500.  It looks like traditional, festive confetti, but instead of littering the ground, this biodegradable confetti actually includes 12 varieties of wildflower seed.  Imprint your message, celebrate, and then plant a garden.  Neat.
Also, when the business day ended yesterday, we continued meeting and greeting on a truly spectacular evening cruise around Lake Michigan on the Spirit of Chicago, sponsored by SnugZ USA, asi/88060. 

It's on to the final few hours and if you're here, hopefully we'll see each other on the floor.

I'd love to hear about your experiences in Chicago, so post a comment now or email me here.