ASI Promotes Industry on MSNBC

Monday August 31, 2009 | Filed under: Community, Industry Initiatives, Media Coverage, Members, News About ASI

ASI publisher Rich Fairfield made like a TV star last week during a lively appearance on MSNBC's "Your Business."  The hot topic was the proven value of using ad specialties to market your business at trade shows.

As Rich and host J.J. Ramberg told their TV audience of 200,000, trade shows are a great way to get the word out about your business and premium giveaways that "go beyond the pen" are a sure bet for maximum marketing exposure.

Click here to watch the video.

They also advised companies to decide what they want to spend and to choose an item that truly reflects their business.

Here are the products in the segment:

  • Talking T-shirt - heads will turn when this shirt whistles, and emits 19 other stock sounds.  It can also play MP3s.  From Think Geek (asi/91123).
  • Light saber sword - tech and electronics companies will love a light saber sword stamped with their corporate logo.  From (asi/34194).
  • Light-up stress balls - a flashy new look to a standard seller ensures this product will be used and discussed.  From Litewaves (asi/67730).
  • Jute bag - stylish, roomy and eco-friendly, this bag can also be used at the beach after the show and is made from jute plant fibers.  From Prime Line (asi/79530).
  • Non-woven bag - eco-friendly, inexpensive and reusable, this bag is ideal for replacing paper and plastic shopping bags.  From Jetline (asi/63344).
  • Slinky notepad - this variation on a business staple adds a touch of fun to any desktop.  From TradeNet Publishing (asi/91760).
  • Hand sanitizer - a smart and appreciated giveaway in light of recent events with the H1N1 flu virus.  From Humphrey Line (asi/62050).
  • Personal sunscreen - a trade show located in a warmer climate is an event that demands a personal sunscreen stick.  From Leashables by Oralabs (asi/66715).
If you're a distributor, I urge you to email the video link to your clients, so they can get more ideas for products that can help their marketing campaigns.

I'd love to know what must-see products made a difference in your marketing at your last trade show so post a comment now or email me here