ASI Enhances ASI ContentBridge Platform

Monday July 20, 2009 | Filed under: Industry Initiatives, Member Benefits, News About ASI, Using Ad Specialties

When someone like Dave Regan, vice president of sales at Counselor Top 40 Distributor The Vernon Company (asi/351700), gives a product a thumbs up, you can bet it's worth a look.

Dave recently told us that ASI's newly-enhanced ASI ContentBridge platform, which allows distributors to build customized websites and use all of ASI's product data and education content to stream into their own systems, has helped Vernon boost their online presence and improve operations. 

Jack Nadel International (asi/279600), also a Top 40 distributor, recommended the service's versatility.  Craig Nadel, president, calls ASI ContentBridge "great for our company."

See their full comments and learn what the buzz is about in the press release - click here.

ASI ContentBridge is now more powerful, faster and easier.  It makes order management a snap - because ASI does all the hard work using our enhanced data stream - and you can also showcase more products and make changes in near real-time.

The service offers the same quality data that powers ESP Online and LogoMall websites and includes information such as pricing, set-up fees, product images and supplier ratings. 

Also - a real benefit for suppliers - when suppliers update their product and pricing information with ASI, it's automatically forwarded to distributors with ASI ContentBridge to feed their websites and business systems.  In turn, the latest product data reaches distributors and end-buyers faster.

The bottom line is that larger distributors using ASI ContentBridge are growing their business and improving their customer service with fewer errors.

For more information, visit, or contact Dan O'Halloran, senior vice president of distributor services, at

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