Photos From HOT Party - People, Trends and Products

Wednesday July 23, 2008 | Filed under: Industry Initiatives, Members, News About ASI

We just wrapped up the HOT party celebrating the first-ever Counselor HOT issue that reveals cool trends and products and the exclusive list of 37 HOT people who are shaking up the marketplace. 

The HOT list was announced last night and honors dynamic people who are leading the way in industry trend-spotting, building a powerhouse organization or developing attention-grabbing new products.

Event photos are at and watch for the official HOT issue coming next month to subscribers of Counselor.

Who's on the HOT list this year?  They are:

  • Jason Black
  • Kari, Lori & Jodi Caden
  • Dov Charney
  • Larry Cohen
  • Billy Dolan
  • Chuck Fandos
  • Shauna Feldman
  • Brian Fron
  • Jordy Gamson
  • Trevor Gnesin
  • Allison Gower
  • Marc Held
  • Charley Johnson
  • Joyce Johnson-Miller
  • Cindy Jorgensen
  • Memo Kahan
  • Michelle Kajan
  • Trish Karter
  • Dale Kirby
  • Becky Lamken
  • Lon McGowan
  • Terry McGuire
  • Craig Morantz
  • Vera Muzzillo
  • Pam Myers
  • Tim O'Boyle
  • Nadine Panetti & Mark Hobbs
  • Catherine Pilgrim
  • Herb Piller
  • Danny Rosin
  • Ross Silverstein
  • Doug Stayman
  • Lyndsey Tidwell
  • Tom Vann
  • Kathy Vichakchon
  • Rob Watson
  • Mark Ziskind
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