More Advertising to End-Buyers? See our Folio ad

Tuesday June 3, 2008 | Filed under: News About ASI

Our industry is about products that advertise, but interestingly there’s little advertising promoting advertising specialties to end-buyers. 

So, we thought we’d try something new. 

Folio magazine recently invited us to place a print ad in its latest issue to congratulate ASI on winning two consecutive Neal Awards for Counselor magazine’s editorial excellence. 

While the two-page spread is about us on the left half, on the right half we dedicated the space to educating Folio’s readers - media professionals and businesspeople responsible for marketing decisions at their companies - about how important advertising specialties are for branding themselves. 

Click here to see the ad.

We included brief stories, pulled from Successful Promotions magazine, that highlight how other magazines - like Jane and Maxim - have successfully used advertising specialties to get results for their marketing campaigns, parties and events. 

We also invited readers to visit to subscribe to Successful Promotions for more case studies and to find a local distributor.

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