Video of New Eco Products to Sell and Orlando Preview

Thursday December 27, 2007 | Filed under: Education, Media Coverage, News About ASI

Everyone is talking about environmentally friendly products that are made using recycled materials and we just produced a new section in our Idea Showcase catalog that features 30 pages of green products that end-buyers will love.

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/uploads/videos/Tim_green_video_1.flv /]

I feature seven products in the catalog and you can see several of them at the ASI Show in Orlando next week. You’ll be amazed what’s catching the attention of buyers:

  • A tote bag and apron made from organic cotton and polyester that’s recycled from bottles
  • Gloves made from 95% post-industrial polyester and acrylic
  • Water-powered clock and calculator
  • Lip balm that’s soy-based and petroleum free
  • A strong lanyard made from recycled soda bottles
  • A handy recycled polypropylene bag that holds up to 40 pounds of groceries

These products are great for your clients and I encourage you to contact the suppliers identified in the video for more information.

Tell me what you think about these products or other earth-friendly items you’ve seen – post now on the blog or email me anytime at