Suppliers can Update Product and Pricing Information for Buyers

Tuesday July 10, 2007 | Filed under: Members, News About ASI

Suppliers tell me that they appreciate all the work ASI does entering all of their product information and pricing from their catalogs, marketing materials and websites into ESP Online and LogoMall websites for distributors.

But many have asked me for the ability to update pricing themselves or to tweak the product descriptions as needed.

So today we’re launching a new easy-to-use database tool that enables ASI suppliers to easily update their product and pricing information in ESP Online.

The new feature complements ASI’s large staff of editors, who will continue to enter the vast majority of information for the 750,000 products in ESP Online. In addition to their work, suppliers will be able to review and edit product information and pricing, ensuring their information is as current as possible.

ESP Online is the industry’s largest, most accurate and most used research and marketing tool, with nearly 30,000 distributor users.

In addition to ESP Online, supplier updates will automatically be applied to the more than 8,000 LogoMall websites ASI has built and hosts for distributors, saving suppliers time and ensuring pricing end-buyers see on distributors’ sites is the most up-to-date available.

ESP Online already is the most current database in the industry, and this addition will make sure changes can be made every day, 24 hours a day, by our suppliers.

Use of the information updating tool is included in suppliers’ annual membership at no additional fee.

ASI is forming a group of suppliers to be early adopters of the new feature. They will receive free training in the next few days and begin using the tool immediately thereafter.

To learn more about the new feature for updating product information in ESP Online, or to sign up as one of the early adopters, contact Dale Denham, senior vice president for ASI, at

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