Hall of Fame | Don’t forget your roots, for better business

Wednesday April 4, 2007 | Filed under: Community, News About ASI

One of the items on my “Top Ten Ways To Be More Successful” list is to never forget where it is that you came from.

On Tuesday I had an experience that drove this point home in real-time. I was one of thirteen people inducted into the Journalism Hall of Fame at my alma mater - Ball State University.

The honor recognized success in business and contributions to philanthropy and I share these accomplishments with many people – including associates and friends in the advertising specialty and publishing industries.

Marilyn Weaver, chairperson of the journalism department, hosted the ceremony and presented me with a plaque (left) for the honor.

David Knott, associate professor emeritus of journalism at Ball State, was also present.

He helped me learn about the field as I pursued my degree in journalism and he was the faculty advisor for The Ball State Daily News when I was an editor and columnist there.

At graduation, he helped me weigh my job offers so I could choose the right one. His guidance shaped some of the foundation that I often base my business actions upon.

Several mentors, including David (pictured with me at the left), reminded me that while you can be successful in business, always remember the importance of becoming involved in your community and remember to treat others as you would like to be treated.

It’s that type of influence that has continued to show me the importance of being philanthropic. I am reminded, in particular, of a fund drive from ASI last year - when together as an industry we raised more than $400,000 to support hurricane and disaster relief efforts for the American Red Cross.

I’ve found that the principles instilled from my roots - help others and treat others respectfully - have led to my involvement in doing good in the community and in making business better.

My thanks to Ball State University and to my friends in business for - among other things - never letting me forget where it is that I came from.

Do you have a story about where you’re from that has impacted the way you approach others or do business? Share it on the blog, or email me anytime, at tim.andrews@asicentral.com.