Grow Sales with Event Planner, Educational Videos, Standard Purchase Orders in ESP Upgrade

Monday November 5, 2007 | Filed under: News About ASI, Using Ad Specialties

A new upgrade to ESP Online is out today and it will grow your sales and improve your business – hands down.

This is the best version of ESP Online yet and we’re making it easier for distributors to advise clients about their special events and to sell more products for events with our new Event Planner tool in ESP.

The Event Planner allows distributors to find the right products for clients who plan events, such as golf outings, in the growing events market. It features educational videos with program tips and ideas provided by editorial experts at ASI magazines, and is based on a popular monthly feature in Advantages™ magazine - the leading publication written for the industry salesperson. It also has three price tiers for each event to meet the budget of every customer.

In addition to the Event Planner, there are four more features that will improve your business and impress your clients:

Industry Standard Purchase Orders - Industry standard purchase orders are also now integrated into ESP Online. Created using the best practices from ASI’s leading suppliers and distributors, this feature will help reduce order mix-ups and increase efficiency. They’ve been designed to populate automatically with information from ESP Online and CenterStage presentations so they can be emailed or faxed directly from a distributor to a supplier.

Virtual Samples - Virtual samples have also been enhanced to allow distributors to show customers and prospects what their logo will look like using different imprinting methods, including embossing, embroidery, etching, laser engraving and foil-stamping. Decorator

Search Tool - Distributors can use this search tool to find and connect with more local ASI member decorators (embroiderers, screen printers, engravers, sublimation and heat transfer providers) by their zip code or proximity to where they need products decorated.

Client Manager - This helps distributors, suppliers and decorators record and store essential client contact information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, billing information and multiple shipping locations. Users enter data just once and have more time instead for selling.

ESP Online has more than 30,000 users, including 95% of the Counselor® Top 40 Distributors™. It allows distributors to search for every product from over 3,500 reputable ASI suppliers. More than two million product and supplier searches are conducted in ESP Online each month, up more than half a million since the last upgrade.

To learn more about the Event Planner and other new features of the ESP Online upgrade, or to receive a free trial, visit and click on 'About ESP Online' or call Dave Russo, executive director for distributor services, at 1-888-277-0151.

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