Dig the Data | Use Our Product Data to Improve Your Websites and Business

Monday December 17, 2007 | Filed under: News About ASI

Today we launched a product data service that allows distributors to use supplier product data in their own technology platform and on their Websites, online stores and shopping programs.

Data Builder

In fact, a dedicated team of more than 70 professionals at ASI confirms data, performs modifications and adds products and information every day. Not only is the data available to use in distributors’ internal technology platforms, but the new service also provides high-quality product images that will no doubt impress your clients – the same quality images included in ESP Online.

The new service will work best with distributors who would like to:

  • Integrate promotional products supplier data into their own servers for use with fulfillment systems, shopping carts, or search engine optimization programs
  • Download product data from ASI for complete integration with existing computer systems and online company stores
  • Show customers only products from select suppliers or preferred suppliers

Using ASI supplier data on your own Website or in your technology platform will reduce order errors, cut time clearing up product information discrepancies, and leave more time for selling and building relationships with prospects.

Revenues for suppliers and demand for decorator services will also increase as products from suppliers are featured on more distributor Websites and online stores that are fed by ASI product information.

ASI supplier product data is available now and we continue to develop technology in this area. Plans for additional products and services to benefit distributors and suppliers will be market-ready in coming months.

Tell me what you think anytime about this new service or other ASI products – post now on the blog or email me at tim.andrews@asicentral.com. For more information about the new data service, email Heather DiPrato, vice president of distributor services at ASI, at hdiprato@asicentral.com.