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The Power 50
Research by Michele Bell, Andy Cohen, Matthew George and C.J. Mittica

Counselor’s third annual ranking of the most influential people in the ad specialty market.

Power can be felt in many ways. Money, success, the ability to convince others on strategic avenues to take. These are all measures of somebody’s power. Here’s another one: influence. T The people you’ll find on the following pages all have a level of influence in the ad specialty market. They’re listened to. They’re followed. And they’re respected to the point that many other professionals who operate in this industry emulate their strategies and business beliefs. This year’s Counselor Power 50 list is a ranking of those people who have the most influence over how business in this market gets done on a daily basis.

They run successful companies and they share strategies for how they’ve reached that success. To arrive at this year’s list, we used the 2007 Power 50 as a base and surveyed members of the industry, as well as members of the Power 50 themselves, to find out one simple thing: who lost power and influence over the past year and who gained more power. The results of that survey, along with some new nominations, helped us arrive at a list of 50 that is re-ranked from last year and includes some first-timers.

On the following pages, you’ll find the reasons as to why each of these people is on the list, as well as why they’re debuting on the list or why they’ve moved significantly within the rankings. Also, we asked each person on the list to answer a series of questions about issues that the ad specialty industry will face in 2009.

So, turn the page, check out the members of this year’s Power 50, and begin to form your own beliefs and strategies for success in 2009. > MORE

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