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There’s a reason why 5.9 million people played a bracket contest on ESPN last year – because they’re mad for March Madness. Heat up any company, bar, restaurant, sports team or booster club promotion or brand campaign with promotional products that tie into a basketball tournament watched by an average of 9 million viewers per 67 games. Below are items that will score with any fan, client, player or office pool winner. Click here for a "Joe Show" product video.

Video-playing basketball
Video-playing basketball, from CleggPromo (asi/45450). Users upload any video they want, making this a perfect prize for companies to reward top performers in the office pool.
Logoed spatula, from Sportula (asi/88882). Relive tournament highlights all summer long with a spatula that can be die-cut with a school’s logo. Great promotion for school teams, booster clubs or companies. Includes bottle opener on one end.
Logoed spatula
Device wraps
Device wraps, from Skinit (asi/87625). Organizations can run an ad campaign based on a fan’s school, allowing them to upload their own picture and wrap their favorite device – phones, laptops, digital cameras, video gaming units, etc. – with college mascots and logos.
Rubber ducks, from Jetline (asi/63344). Promote office pools with basketball-inspired rubber ducks. The tournament can get anyone in the b-ball spirit, and companies can also sponsor a local basketball club and give players collapsible water bottles.
Rubber ducks
Basketball net skull cap
Basketball net skull cap, from Bodek and Rhodes (asi/40788). Tie into the tournament with pop-a-shot contest between games and give winners fun items like a funky cap.
Basketball jersey, from A4/Moshay (asi/30121). Any company can get involved in the community (and advertise its brand) by hosting three-ball competitions and giving away adult-sized moisture-wicking jerseys to organizers and winning teams. 
Basketball jersey
Stress reliever
Stress reliever, from Impressline (asi/62479). Sports can be frustrating enough, but imagine playing with a square ball. Luckily, this stress reliever is perfect for squeezing during down-to-the-wire games.
Mini backboard and ball set, from MAC Specialties (asi/68207). During the tournament any business can send reps armed with great giveaways like this one for clients to encourage them to join an office pool.  
Mini backboard and ball set
Ice pack
Ice pack, from Alpi International (asi/34415). Ouch! Aches and pains can be part of the game. And when your final four teams are knocked out early, it can feed a serious headache. Display a company logo on an item providing frozen or hot relief.
Can holder, from Prime Line (asi/79530). Promote bars and restaurants with a can holder to get people in the door – and to a nice cold beer.
Can holder
Basketball helmet
Basketball helmet, from Spirit Industries (asi/88740). Beverage companies can use as an on-pack promotion for cheering college kids or reward employees during a company appreciation event.
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