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Collegial atmosphere results in motivated employees for this Canadian distributor.

Best Places to Work

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It's one thing to be friendly with the people with whom you work. It's quite another to actually be friends with your coworkers. The latter is the norm at White Paper (asi/359726), a 20-year-old paper company based in a Vancouver suburb. Debbie Gray, left, may be in charge of payroll and human resources, but she also doubles as the "Office Mom." Executive assistant Cherri Young, right, also wears multiple hats. When she's not coordinating orders, she's counseling employees about their personal lives on the plush couch in her office. "I'm known for the tough-love approach," she says. "I tell people when it's time to snap out of it and move on with their lives." It's part college dorm, part thriving business at this company.