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This Florida supplier firm has a clear hiring plan – and sticks to it.


“We hire people who are nice. Anything else can be taught.” So says Robin Steele (right), vice president at IDProductSource (asi/62088). Indeed, Steele and Andrew Hughes (left), executive vice president of the Port St. Lucie, FL, firm, make all hiring decisions strictly based on personality, figuring out that “the other skills can be trained along the way,” Hughes says.

Hughes should know. He was working with an ambulance company for several years before the company’s semi-retired owners, John & Carol Aspinwall, offered him a job at the firm. Now, he and Steele operate with a “No Debbie Downers!” philosophy toward hiring. As a result, IDProductSource, which sells everything from lip balms to lanyards to dog products, is filled with about 30 cheerful employees from wildly diverse backgrounds. One employee is on active duty in the military; others worked in retail or came straight out of college.

The duo adopted this hiring approach a few years ago, Hughes says, when price pressures hit the industry. “We really wanted to make our customers feel good on the phone, and that starts with nice people, who talk to them about their sick granddads,” he says. “People will spend a few more pennies to get our expertise and have relationships with friendly people.”

The company is clearly onto something – in the past year, it has seen 10%-13% growth in new customers every week. And, the month of July marked its most profitable month ever. Steele and Hughes credit the company’s recent success to outstanding customer service, plus a focus on aggressive marketing and, of course, smart hiring.