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2014 Counselor Road Tour

Road Tour Rambles Across The Country

East, Central, Mountain. Check.

Road TourWho says you can’t be in three time zones in one day? The Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour achieved the odd feat on Tuesday this week, when the crew spent the morning in Atlanta, had lunch near Birmingham, AL, and then hopped a flight to Denver. East, Central, Mountain. Check.

Indeed, the Road Tour is visiting 12 Counselor Best Places to Work companies this week – and well, the sites are rather spread out. Making a pit stop at The IceBox (asi/229395) in Atlanta, the team was treated to a company tour of a unique workplace in a physical environment that surely breeds a collegial and sharing atmosphere. That was followed by a Southern lunch provided to the crew by Irondale, AL, distributor Concepts & Associates (asi/166235), which is a family business that clearly treats all of its employees like family.

Then on Wednesday, the Best Places to Work Road Tour paid visits to distributor firm Specialty Incentives (asi/331870) and supplier company Quality Lapel Pin (asi/80196) in the Denver, CO, area. And today, the tour visits two companies in Utah. While they’ve all created highly different workplaces, there’s one definitive theme among all of these Best Places to Work companies: They all treat their employees well and receive highly motivated staffers in return.

To view videos, pictures, and blog posts from this week’s Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour, go to www.CounselorMag.com/roadtour or follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #CounselorTour. The Road Tour continues through Friday.

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