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2014 Counselor Road Tour

Best Places to Work Road Tour Kicks Off

Food Takes Center Stage In The South

Best Places to Work Road TourThe Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour, a week-long trip across the country to visit a dozen companies on the Counselor Best Places to Work list, began yesterday with the three-person crew learning the real meaning of Southern hospitality. No doubt, they like their food in the south.

The day began at supplier firm Credential Express in Greenwood, SC, where the weary travelers were treated to chicken and biscuits. Lunch was barbecue from a food truck in the parking lot of distributor firm Pinnacle Promotions in Norcross, GA. And, the day was topped off at eCompanyStore in Alpharetta, GA, where the Road Tour crew was tasked with judging a company baking contest – meaning they had to sample 18 (yes, 18) different desserts.

Of course, food was far from the only thing on the menu for these travelers. They were also treated to a steady diet of stories of motivated employees, corporate cultures that excite and energize staffers, and perks and benefits that keep workers as loyal as possible. Like the family atmosphere that is evident the moment you walk in the door at Credential Express, for example. Or, the highly creative office atmosphere at Pinnacle Promotions that includes a cafeteria that’s more diner than company café and seven conference rooms all named after inspirational people such as Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley and Leonardo DaVinci.

“We designed this office to ensure that creativity and a unique approach to business can happen anywhere that people are gathering,” said Mitch Weintraub, who along with his brother Dave run Pinnacle Promotions, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary yesterday in the office that the company just moved into in February. “We put a ton of time and effort into designing this new office, and we want our employees to feel as comfortable in it as possible.”

At the Road Tour’s last stop of the day, eCompanyStore, the most evident corporate culture trait was doing whatever they could to ensure employee loyalty. For them, that means giving every employee a three-week sabbatical for every five years they work at the company. “We want people to get away and do something that’s important to them – whether it’s a special trip or a charitable effort or just some time away from the office,” said Craig Callaway, CEO of eCompanyStore. “We want them to know that we value their time, so we give them that time away to do something they love.”

To follow all of the company visits and see blog posts, pictures, and videos from each company, go to www.CounselorMag.com/roadtour. And, follow the Road Tour crew on Twitter with the hashtag #counselortour. The Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour continues through Friday.

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