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2014 Counselor Road Tour

Road Tour 2014: Visiting The Industry’s Best Workplaces

Come Along For The Ride!

Road Tour 2014The only way to get a real feel for what makes companies unique is to go visit them. So, we’re jumping on planes and into cars, and setting out on a five-day cross-country trip to find out why some workplaces in this industry are simply the best. Three Counselor editors are about to embark on our fourth annual Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour. We'll visit 12 companies – both distributors and suppliers, all of which are honored on the 2014 Counselor Best Places to Work list – in the span of five days.

And while in previous years we’ve left from the ASI home office in Pennsylvania, the 2014 Counselor Summer Road Tour will begin in the airport, with us flying to…

It’s a surprise for now where we’re headed first, but we’ll begin first thing on Monday morning and will of course be chronicling our every move online and through social media. And there will undoubtedly be fun and shenanigans along the way. Yep, on this trip, we're up for anything – and the companies we visit tend to throw the kitchen sink at us. Our video cameras, iPhones, iPads, and notebooks will be ready to record everything as we go, so make sure to follow along at www.CounselorMag.com/roadtour, or on Twitter with the hashtag #counselortour. There will be videos, pics, and blogs updated daily.

Need an incentive to pop in and post comments? At the end of the trip, we'll award a $100 Gift Card, along with Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour memorabilia, to a winner chosen at random from all the viewers that post a comment to the #counselortour hashtag on Twitter.

Along for the Best Places to Work ride are Melinda Ligos (@ASI_melinda), Andy Cohen (@ASI_andycohen), and C.J. Mittica (@CJ_Wearables). What will they find along the way? Which of the dozen companies they visit will throw out the reddest carpet? And, which will be sure to embarrass us along the way? Join us June 23-27 to find out. Go to www.CounselorMag.com/roadtour to see it all unfold.

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