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2013 Counselor Road Tour

It's Getting Weird

Joe Reflects On His Third Year On The Road

On The RoadAfter three years of participating in the road tour, I've come to learn that by day five we all tend to get a little punch drunk. Our hourly ritual seems to be asking each other what day it is and where we had just visited. "Where were we yesterday?" "Dallas?" "No, Cleveland?" Which was actually someone's answer and quite funny considering we never went to Cleveland. So, one day blends into another and time feels like it's on an acid trip. Have pity, would ya?

As we wind our way across the country, we also often become reflective. "Hey, remember that restaurant we ate at?" But confusion sets in quickly because our memory is fuzzy and vague and we're left to just second guess each other.

But, we keep on trucking, rolling into town and cranking out the daily and nightly work at hand. On our flight from St. Louis to Dallas, I decided to tap out notes into my iPad for a future blog. The original intention was to write the blog and send it to Andy via in-flight wi-fi as the airline seemed very proud of itself that it offered it on board. But what they refuse to tell you in any of the brochures is that you have to pay for it. It's just all bragging until, "Oh, yeah, did we forget to mention it's gonna cost you?" You could have told me that sooner, guys.

Anyway, I decide to jot down my thoughts before I lose them. (Note: I just reached out to touch my laptop screen like it was a touch-screen device!) And while noting this and that, I start to get a little giggly as the auto correct is changing some of the company names. Cavanaugh was autocorrected to "Cabana Ugh," GatewayCDI became "Gateway Chi" and, my favorite, Proforma Albrecht became "Pro forms Ab Retch."

Looking back over the past six days I remember the following important facts: Penntuckey (that beautiful stretch of PA between Philly and Pittsburgh) had the best classic rock stations; I'm completely out of shape; I do not heart Katy Perry, but I do heart Vine; and there are 1,324 interstate highways that circle Dallas.

Finally, we saw bats in Austin. Thousands, maybe millions of bats. You see, there's a bridge in Austin where the bats reside and at dusk they take off to … well quite frankly we don't know where they're going but they go. And it seems endless, like a bat clown car was emptying. And as they flittered away there were huge black clouds in the sky, like some freaky movie. It was cool and a bit smelly. Seriously, they stunk. But, the event was rather appropriate as we're all feeling a little batty right now.

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