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2013 Counselor Road Tour

A Sunny Day At Safeguard In Dallas

Recognition And Communication Abounds

SafeguardWalking into the offices of Top 40 distributor firm Safeguard Business Systems in downtown Dallas, the Road Tour Crew is greeted by imprinted sunglasses, employees decked out in various neon-colored shirts, and a conference room decorated with summer-like signs and decals. One sign gives away the theme of the day: "It's Always a Sunny Day at Safeguard," it reads, giving the about 100 employees in this office the freedom to wear shades, shorts and jeans, and bright t-shirts all day long.

"We have an all-welcoming environment here at Safeguard," says Forrest Fairley, who is the director of Safeguard's promotional products and apparel division. "Everybody's treated the same and everybody's contribution counts. We like to have some fun on a day like this to give employees a unique environment that they can be comfortable in."

SafeguardThat environment also includes plenty of recognition and communication for employees. On this October Friday, Safeguard is holding its quarterly company meeting, at which employees are informed about the organization's financials over the past quarter, thanked for their contributions, and top staffers are honored as nominees for the Employee of the Quarter award. Kelly Santos, Safeguard's vice president of customer service and operations, reveals the top honorees for the quarter, thanking each and leading an ovation for each one, and then reveals the winner of the Employee of the Quarter: Becky Ashley. "Thank you, Becky, for everything you do for our company every day," Santos says. "We all appreciate it, every single day."

That type of teamwork-oriented and motivated corporate culture is exactly what JJ Sorrenti, president of Safeguard, wants for the company. After speaking to the group during the quarterly meeting, revealing new initiatives as well as how the company performed financially, Sorrenti says, "Thank you guys. Great quarter."

Safeguardit sounds like a football coach thanking his team after a good game, well, that's exactly how Sorrenti wants it. "We have a very energetic group here, which is great," he says, after the quarterly meeting, sitting down for some Domino's pizza that has been provided on this day to the whole company for lunch. "The pace of our business is very fast, and we try to be as collaborative as possible along the way. We all jump in and will do anything to help the company succeed. I think our employees appreciate that approach, and so do I."

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