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2013 Counselor Road Tour

Setting a (Food) Tone

Road Tour Visits Path Valley Family Restaurant In Spring Valley, PA

Path Valley Family RestaurantWhen you're going to be on the road for eight consecutive days – as we will be on the 2013 Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour – you need a positive beginning. No, I'm not referring to the many companies we'll visit on this cross-country journey. I'm talking about the food.

There are ups and downs when you're eating on the road for any length of time. Diners, truck stops, city dwellings, rural sites – they're all in play on a trip like this, and they differ wildly in the level of food you can encounter along the way. So, it's crucial to get a good start, and set a tone with the first night dinner. As we rambled across the farmland of Pennsylvania this evening, Joe sat in the backseat working with Siri to identify potential landing spots for our day-one dinner. Each city sign we came upon, Joe searched the iPhone to find potential places to call home for dinner. After many fits and starts – sorry, Joe, but we're not eating at any place called Park & Eat – he finally stumbled upon something that seemed promising.

Path Valley Family RestaurantWith reviews that used words such as "friendly," "courteous," "comfort food," and "homemade fresh pies," we were sold on the Path Valley Family Restaurant in Spring Valley, PA. And, with Melinda claiming to be ready to pass out from hunger, it was obvious that this would have to be the place for dinner – and, once we pulled off the road, it really was the only option in this town. Well, let's just say it made our night.

Feasting on dishes such as meatloaf and mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and smothered roast beef with gravy, our empty stomachs were quickly satisfied. I know you're wondering about the "homemade fresh pies" the most, though. Of course, we dove right in, and all split a piece of pumpkin pie that was simply ridiculously good. Don't tell my baker wife this, but it far surpassed any pumpkin pie I've ever tasted.

So, thank you Path Valley Family Restaurant. You set a high bar for the rest of our road eats.

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