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2013 Counselor Road Tour

Around The Country In Eight Days

ASI Editors Hit The Road For 2013's Road Tour

2013 Road TourIt's not something you get used to. Sitting in a cramped car – loaded with camera equipment, travel bags, computers, and boxes of t-shirts – with coworkers as you rush across the country can be an exhilarating and crazy experience. We're about to embark on our third annual Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour, and we have an even more ambitious itinerary planned this year. We'll visit 17 companies – both distributors and suppliers, all of whom are honored on the 2013 Counselor Best Places to Work list – in the span of eight days.

Leaving from ASI's Trevose, PA, headquarters on Monday, October 14, we'll begin in New Jersey for our first company visit – and then proceed through Pennsylvania for an overnight stop before a busy three-company-visit day on Tuesday. No hints yet about the companies we'll be dropping in on during the Road Tour, but we hear we'll be doing push-ups, donning costumes, and sampling as much regional food along the way as possible.

Yep, on this trip, we're up for anything – and the companies we visit tend to throw the kitchen sink at us. Our video cameras, iPhones, iPads, and notebooks will be ready to record everything along the way, so make sure to follow along on at www.CounselorMag.com/roadtour, or on Twitter with the hashtag #counselortour. There will be videos, pics, and blogs updated daily. Need an incentive to pop in and post comments? At the end of the trip, we'll award a $100 Gift Card, along with Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour memorabilia, to a winner chosen at random from all the viewers that post a comment to the #counselortour hashtag on Twitter.

Along for the Best Places to Work ride are Melinda Ligos (@ASI_melinda), Andy Cohen (@ASI_andycohen), and Joe Haley (@ASI_joehaley). Will the car be big enough for this game group? What kind of high jinks will the weary travelers encounter along the thousands of miles that they'll traverse? Join us October 14 to October 22 to find out. Go to www.CounselorMag/roadtour to see it all unfold.

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