2013 Counselor Road Tour

Gourmet Lunch at SanMar

The crew knew its visit to SanMar would be different than the rest a few hours before we were slated to visit when a specific email came through.

Cafeteria Is Centerpiece Of Company Headquarters»

Custom-Made Finale in Seattle

It’s Monday afternoon when the Road Trip crew rolls into Greater China, a supplier of mostly custom products based in Bellevue, WA, that represents the final stop of the Road Tour.

"Every Day Here Is An Adventure"»

Moving in With the Catalyst Crew

Things are a bit chaotic this Monday morning at Catalyst Marketing in Seattle.

Company Specifically Hires Happy People»

Collaboration And Creativity In Portland

It may be a Sunday afternoon when the Road Tour crew members pull their weary selves into Portland, OR but we are quickly energized by the creative environment of CMD.

Joe Reflects On His Third Year On The Road»

It's Getting Weird

After three years of participating in the road tour, I've come to learn that by day five we all tend to get a little punch drunk.

Joe Reflects On His Third Year On The Road»

Heart-Racing Stop in Kauffman

"She is mean is what she is, so get ready."

Road Tour Gets Whipped Into Shape At Texas Supplier»

A Sunny Day At Safeguard In Dallas

At Safeguard Business Systems in Dallas, the Road Tour Crew is greeted by imprinted sunglasses, employees decked out in various neon-colored shirts, and a conference room decorated with summer-like signs and decals.

Recognition And Communication Abounds»

Early (And Scary) Halloween in St. Louis

Pumpkin decorating. It's a fall season rite of passage at Indoff, and it's clear that everybody takes the contest very seriously.

Indoff Uses Fun Atmosphere To Bring Employees Together»

Practicing What They Preach

As the Road Tour came tripping into Tic Toc, we're greeted in the company's cavernous "living room" by Tic Toc CEO Paul Gittemeier.

Dogs, Fantasy Football Part of Company Culture»

It's In The Bag

As we set out to spend eight days on the road, the one thing that always slips my mind is that we are going to spend all that time living out of our bags.

21st Century Road Tour Vagabonds Motor On»

The Personal Touch in St. Louis

Take a stroll down one side of one of the main hallways near the entrance of Gateway CDI in St. Louis and you can't help but notice the 75 or so framed photographs of the company's employees.

Gateway CDI Takes Personal Approach Very Seriously»

Creeped Out in Ohio

The lobby of Proforma Albrecht & Co., headquartered in Milford, OH, is just plain scary.

Proforma Albrecht & Co. Ups The Ante For Halloween»

Family Atmosphere in Ohio

Pulling up to the PromoSpark office in Fairfield, OH, in the rain the Road Tour crew is quickly greeted by Carson, the PromoSpak mascot.

Yoga Part Of Weekly Culture At PromoSpark»

Happy Hour with the Leaderpromos Gang

It may have been 5 p.m. when the Road Tour pulled up to Leaderpromos in Columbus, OH, but the office was still abuzz with activity.

Employees Work Hard And Play Hard»

As The Ping Pong Ball Bounces at HDS

As the Road Tour team rolls into HDS, headquartered in Pittsburgh, founder and CEO Howard Schwartz stands at the door grinning, as two of his top executives go at it at the Ping Pong table in the company's cavernous lobby.

Fun Is Part Of Culture At HDS»

Push-Ups For Breakfast in Pittsburgh

As the Road Tour mobile – also known as the White Whale, due to its color and extreme girth – pulled into Pittsburgh on Tuesday morning, there was a palpable anxiety among the crew.

The Road Tour Gets Physical At Cavanaugh Marketing»

Road Tour Begins At Admints In New Jersey

Sometimes small businesses struggle to maintain a small, family-like atmosphere as they grow bigger.

Lawn Games And Pizza Greet The Counselor Tour»

Setting a (Food) Tone

When you're going to be on the road for eight consecutive days – as we will be on the 2013 Counselor Best Places to Work Road Tour – you need a positive beginning.

Road Tour Visits Path Valley Family Restaurant In Spring Valley, PA »

Around The Country In Eight Days

It's not something you get used to. Sitting in a cramped car with coworkers as you rush across the country can be an exhilarating and crazy experience.

ASI Editors Hit The Road For 2013's Road Tour»